Problem Set 1: Aligning and Modeling Genomes (PDF)

Files for Problem Set 1 (ZIP - 2.5MB) (This zip file contains: 6 .txt files, 7 .fa files, 5 .py files, 2 .pyc files and 1 .gp file.)

Problem Set 2: Clustering and Classification (PDF)

Files for Problem Set 2 (ZIP - 1.5MB) (This zip file contains: 4 .txt files, 2 .py files, 10 .png files, 1 .RData file, 1 .R file and 1 .Rout file.)

Problem Set 3: Motifs and RNA Structures (PDF)

Files for Problem Set 3 (ZIP - 1.5 MB) (This zip file contains: 9 .txt files, 1 .py files, 1 .fa files and 1 .jpg file.)

Problem Set 4: Alleles and Arrays (PDF)

Files for Problem Set 4 (ZIP - 40.3 MB) (This zip file contains: 2 .txt files.)

Problem Set 5: Clustering Phylogenetic Trees (PDF) There are no additional files for this problem set.

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