6.100L | Fall 2022 | Undergraduate

Introduction to CS and Programming using Python

Lecture 15: Recursion

Topics: Recursion: iteration vs. recursion, inductive reasoning

Lecture Notes

Lecture 15: Recursion

Lecture 15 Code


Ch 6.1

Finger Exercise Lecture 15

Implement the function that meets the specifications below:

def recur_power(base, exp):
    base: int or float.
    exp: int >= 0

    Returns base to the power of exp using recursion.
    Hint: Base case is when exp = 0. Otherwise, in the recursive
    case you return base * base^(exp-1).
    # Your code here  

# Examples:
print(recur_power(2,5)  # prints 32

6.100L Finger Exercises Lecture 15 Solutions

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