6.100L | Fall 2022 | Undergraduate

Introduction to CS and Programming using Python

Lecture 18: More Python Class Methods

Topics: Object Oriented Programming: dunder methods, examples

Lecture Notes

Lecture 18: More Python Class Methods

Lecture 18 Code


Ch 10.1

Finger Exercise Lecture 18

Write the class according to the specifications below:

class Circle():
    def __init__(self, radius):
        """ Initializes self with radius """
        # your code here

    def get_radius(self):
        """ Returns the radius of self """
        # your code here

    def __add__(self, c):
        """ c is a Circle object 
        Returns a new Circle object whose radius is 
        the sum of self and c's radius """
        # your code here

    def __str__(self):
        """ A Circle's string representation is the radius """
        # your code here

6.100L Finger Exercises Lecture 18 Solutions

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