6.101 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Introductory Analog Electronics Laboratory

Study Materials

This section contains additional handouts given to students in order to gain a deeper understanding of concepts discussed in the course.

1 555 states (PDF)
2 Adjusting the step-zero on the 575 curve (PDF)
3 The decibel unit of measurement (PDF)
4 Differentiator/Integrator insights (PDF)
5 Diode chart (PDF)
6 Feedback (PDF)
7 High-frequency cutoff calculations (PDF)
8 High-pass filter basics (PDF)
9 Ideal op-amp assumptions and reality (PDF)
10 Impedance/Admittance notation (PDF)
11 Inverting amplifier gain derivation (PDF)
12 JFET amplifier configurations (PDF)
13 Low-pass filter basics (PDF)
14 Maximum power transfer in a circuit (PDF) (Courtesy of Eric Hiob. Used with permission.)
15 Non-inverting amplifier gain analysis (PDF)
16 Non-inverting amplifier gain derivation (PDF)
17 Regulated DC power supply (PDF)
18 Inverting amplifier offset due to bias current (PDF)
19 Ripple voltage calculation (PDF)
20 Feedback (The golden rules of op-amps) (PDF)
21 Transformer derivation (PDF)
22 Transistor amplifier configurations (PDF)
23 Transistor bias stability as a function of βF variations (PDF)
24 Voltage-controlled current source (PDF)
25 Low frequency hybrid-π equation chart (PDF)

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