6.111 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory


The calendar below provides information on the course’s lecture (L), recitation (R), quiz (Q), conference sessions (C) and project (P) sessions.

The last lecture or recitation is delivered 5 weeks before the end of the semester; after that date, class time is spent entirely on the final project.

L1 Introduction

Lab 1 out

Problem set 1 out

L2 Combinational logic

L3 Introduction to Verilog® - combinational logic

L4 Sequential building blocks

L5 Simple sequential circuits and Verilog®

L6 Finite-state machines and synchronization

Problem set 1 due

Problem set 2 out

L7 Memory basics and timing

Lab 1 checkoff and report due

Lab 2 (Traffic light FSM) out

R1 FSM examples, Verilog® lab 2 discussion

L8-L9 Arithmetic structures

R2 More FSM, memory, arithmetic

Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 out

L10 Analog building blocks Lab 2 checkoff
L11 System integration issues and major/minor FSM

Lab 2 report due

Lab 3 (Memory tester) out

R3 VGA timing generation, block RAM/ROM

L12 Reconfigurable logic architecture

L13 Video Problem set 3 due
Q1 Quiz review

Lab 3 (Memory tester) checkoff - No detailed report due (see lab for details)

Lab 4 (Pong game) out

Q2 Quiz

L14 Project kickoff

Formation of project teams

Lab 4 intermediate checkoff (not graded) due two days after Ses #L14

L15 LSI integration and performance transformations

L16 Power dissipation in digital systems

Lab 4 checkoff due two days after Ses #L16

Project abstracts due five days after Ses #L16

Lab 4 report due five days after Ses #L16

C1 Proposal conference with TAs Bring project proposals for the proposal conference
C2 Proposal conference with TAs

Lab 2 revised report due nine days after Ses #L16 (part of CIM)

Bring project proposals for the proposal conference

P1-P2 Block diagram conference with TAs

P3 Project design presentation

P4 Project design presentation (cont.)

P5 Project design presentation (cont.)

P6 Project design presentation (cont.) Customized project checklist due (groups + staff)
P7-P11 Implement/Debug

P12 Implement/Debug (cont.)

Final project demonstrations and video taping due

Final project report due three days after Ses #P12

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