6.111 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory


Student projects involve teams of one to three students. Each team chooses its own project, though topic suggestions and guidance for scope are available from the course staff. A wide variety of projects are undertaken each semester. A selection of presentations, final reports, and demonstration videos are included in this section. The project presentations occurred early in the semester and capture the projects in the design phase. The reports and videos show the final results of the projects. The student work in this section is courtesy of the students listed and used with permission.

Project Resources

Project Information (PDF)

How to Make your Project Work (PDF)

Available Hardware (PDF)

Video: Lab Kit Overview by Nathan Ickes (MP4 - 3MB)

Final Projects

To view the abstracts, final presentations, and reports, click on the project links.

1 David Blau, Uzoma Orji, Reesa Phillips “Let’s Take This Outside” Boxing (MP4 - 9MB)
2 Xinpeng Huang, William Putnam Laser Pointer Mouse (MP4 - 11MB)
3 Hana Adaniya, Shirley Fung Drum Machine (MP4 - 10MB)
4 Bashira Chowdhury, Cheryl Texin Fingerprint Verification System (MP4 - 8MB)
5 Igor Ginzburg 3-D Pong (MP4 - 7MB)
6 Leon Fay, Miranda Ha, Vinith Misra A Novel Approach to Active 2D Sonar (MP4 - 11MB)
7 Masood Qazi, Zhongying Zhou A Voice Training Karaoke Machine (MP4 - 8MB)
8 Mariela Buchin, WonRon Cho, Scott Fisher Have a Safe Flight: Bon Voyage (MP4 - 20MB)
9 Chris Buenrostro, Isaac Rosmarin, Archana Venkataraman A Two-Input Polygraph (MP4 - 17MB)
10 Noel Campbell, Vivek Shah, Raymond Tong Video Surveillance System  
11 Michael Huhs, Sanjay Jhaveri Snapshot  
12 Helen Liang, Wendi Li, David Meyer, Lucia Tian Piano Dance Revolution (MP4 - 16MB)
13 Cameron Lewis, Xin Sun Audio-Driven Laser Tetris (MP4 - 8MB)
14 Annamaria Ayuso, Sharmeen Browarek MIT Dance Dance Revolution (MP4 - 11MB)
15 Matthew Doherty Local Decoding of Walsh Codes to Reduce CDMA Despreading Computation (MP4 - 5MB)

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