6.171 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Software Engineering for Web Applications


The assignment due dates listed below refer to exercises from the online course textbook, Internet Application Workbook.


Required Elements of Sustainable Online Learning Communities

Introduction to the RDBMS


Serialization and Concurrency Control

Optimistic and Pessimistic Locking

Pitches by Prospective Clents

Slides: sql-examples.txt (TXT), oracle-multiversion-read.gif (GIF), oracle-serializable-transactions.gif (GIF))


Projects Assigned to Teams

Code Review of Basics Problem Set

Dave Mitchell: Roles on Teams

Basics Exercises Due

Data Modelling: Airline Example (TXT)

Improving Query Performance with RDBMS B-tree Indices (GIF)


Presentations by Teams, Code Review and Discussion

Planning Exercises Completed by Teams

Dave Mitchell: Risks and Process

User Registration and Management Exercises Due

Team Presentations and Discussion

Data Model Normalization and Third Normal Form:
Make sure you’ve read the normal form sections in the Content Management chapter and maybe this SQL for Web Nerds chapter. We’ll be taking apart this table (TXT) for supporting an MP3 sharing service.

Planning Exercises and Exercises 1-3 in Content Management Due
7 Look and Feel Criticism of Public Internet Sites and Farther-Along Teams

8 Team Presentations of Status and Plans All Exercises in Content Management Due, Including Client Sign-off
9 Team Presentations of Design Decisions and Documentation All Exercises in Software Modularity Due
10 Dave Mitchell: Project Management Wrap-Up Exercises in Discussion Chapter Due, up to but not including the Usability Test
12 Discussion of Usability Test Results:
Could the numbers have been predicted from the page flow and HTML designs?
All Exercises in Discussion Chapter Due, except Execution of the Refinement Plan
13 Three-Person Teams Present Wireless (Mobile) or VoiceXML Chapter Exercises

14 Presentation of the Refined Systems

15 Class discussion of scaling exercises, ideally starting with each answer being presented by a separate team. All Exercises in Scaling Gracefully Chapter Due
16 Discussion of team designs for full-text search. Exercises 1 and 2 from Search Chapter Due
17 Cesar Brea returns to help people prepare for the Planning Redux sessions with their clients. All Exercises from Search Chapter Due
18 Team presentations of their work and plans for public launch. Planning Redux Exercises Due
19 Take-Home Mid-Term Exam

20 Discussion of Exam Questions, Answers, and Implications Mid-Term Exam Due

Distributed Computing Exercises Due
22 Sapient Corporation: OpenCourseware’s Content Management System

23 Ben Adida: Security Metadata Exercises Due
24 Empirix: Performance Results User Activity Analyis Exercises Due
25 Final Presentations I to Beth Marcus (Entrepreneur), Doug Robinow (Entrepreneur / Lawyer)

26 Final presentations II to Ellen Cram (Microsoft Corporation), Brian LaMacchia (Microsoft Corporation), Bob Metcalfe (Ethernet Inventor, 3Com Founder, Polaris Ventures)

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