All of the assigned problems are from the online course textbook. Unless specified, all of the exercises in the chapter should be completed.

Problem Set 1: Basics
Problem Set 2: User Registration and Management
Problem Set 3: Planning and exercises 1-3 in Content Management
Problem Set 4: Remaining exercises in Content Management, including client sign-off
Problem Set 5: Software Modularity
Problem Set 6: Discussion, up to, but not including, the usability test
Problem Set 7: Remaining exercises in Discussion, except execution of the refinement plan
Problem Set 8: Scaling Gracefully
Problem Set 9: Exercises 1 and 2 from Search
Problem Set 10: Remaining exercises in Search
Problem Set 11: Planning Redux
Problem Set 12: Distributed Computing
Problem Set 13: Metadata
Problem Set 14: User Activity Analysis

Assignments from Previous Offerings of the Course

Basic db-backed Web sites, AOLserver, Tcl, SQL
Content Management
Metadata, Knowledge Management

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