Lecture Notes

This section contains selected lecture notes. The numbering of lectures differs slightly from that given in the Calendar section.

1 Introduction, linear algebra review (PDF)
2 Least square estimation (PDF)
3 Least square solutions of linear problems (PDF)
4 Singular values (PDF)
5 Matrix perturbations (PDF)
6 Dynamical systems (PDF)
7 State-space models (PDF)
8 Solutions of state-space models (PDF)
9 Transfer functions (PDF)
12 I/O stability (PDF)
13 I/O stability (cont.) (PDF)
16 Bode’s sensitivity integral (PDF)
17 Robust stability (PDF)
20 Reachability and observability (PDF)
21 Minimal realizations (PDF)
22 Balanced realization (PDF)
23 Feedback stabilization (PDF)
24 H2 optimization (PDF)
25 H optimization (PDF)