6.270 | January IAP 2005 | Undergraduate

Autonomous Robot Design Competition

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Course Notes (PDF)

Introduction to C Lecture Notes (PDF)

Table Coordinate System (JPG)

Assembly Instructions

RF Receiver Board (PDF)

Expansion Board (PDF)

Battery Charger (PDF)

Hawker Battery Pack (PDF)

IR Sensor Assembly (JPG)

Gyro Assembly (PDF)


Handyboard Test Suite (C)

Expansion Board Test Suite (C)

Gyro Code (C) (Courtesy of Howard Samuels. Used with permission.)


zvn4206a FET

HandyBoard (PDF)

Sharp Distance Sensor 2Y0A02 (PDF)


History of 6.270 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Rules Committee Rulings (PDF)

Kit Components (PDF)

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January IAP 2005
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