6.641 | Spring 2009 | Graduate

Electromagnetic Fields, Forces, and Motion


The numbering L1, L2, and so forth in the Topics corresponds to the numbering of the lecture notes.

1 L1: Integral form of Maxwell’s equations Problem set 1 out
2 L2: Differential form of Maxwell’s equations  
3 L3: Electroquasistatic (EQS) and magnetoquasistatic (MQS) fields and boundary conditions Problem set 2 out
4 L4: The scalar electric potential and the Coulomb superposition integral Problem set 1 due
5 L5: Method of images

Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 out

6 L6: Magnetoquasistatics Problem set 4 out
7 L7: Polarization and conduction Problem set 3 due
8 L8: Magnetization Problem set 5 out
9 L9: Magnetic diffusion phenomena Problem set 4 due
10-11 L10: Solutions to Laplace’s equation in Cartesian coordinates Problem set 5 due in Ses #11
12-13 L11: Solutions to Laplace’s equation in polar and spherical coordinates  
14-16 L12: Electroquasistatic forces Problem set 6 out in Ses #15
17-20 L13: Magnetoquasistatic forces

Problem set 7 out in Ses #17

Problem set 6 due in Ses #18

21 L14: Fields and moving media Problem set 7 due
22 L15: Force densities, stress tensors, and forces  
23-24 L18: Waves and instabilities in elastic media  
25 L19: Waves and instabilities in the presence of motion Final exam taken one week after Ses #25

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