Lecture Notes

JV: Session taught by Joel Voldman

CL: Session taught by Carol Livermore

1 Introduction to MEMS; microfabrication for MEMS: part I (PDF 1) (PDF 2) JV/CL
2 Microfabrication for MEMS: part II (PDF - 1.3 MB) CL
3 Microfabrication for MEMS: part III (PDF - 1.5 MB) CL
4 Microfabrication for MEMS: part IV; in-class fab problem (PDF) CL
5 Fabrication for the life sciences; material properties (PDF) CL
6 Elasticity (PDF) or electronics I (PDF) CL/JV
7 Structures (PDF) or electronics II (PDF) CL/JV
8 Lumped-element modeling (PDF) JV
9 Energy-conserving transducers (PDF) JV
10 Dynamics, especially nonlinear (PDF) JV
11 Structures special topics (PDF) CL
12 Thermal energy domain; dissipation (PDF) JV
13 Modeling dissipative processes (PDF) JV
14 Fluids 1 (PDF) JV
15 Fluids 2 (PDF) JV
16 Mass transport in liquids (PDF - 1.3 MB) JV
17 Feedback (PDF) JV
18 Noise (PDF) CL
19 Packaging (PDF - 1.0 MB) CL
20 In-class design problem (PDF) CL
21 Design tradeoffs (PDF - 1.5 MB) CL
22 Power MEMS case study (PDF - 3.1 MB) CL
23 Optical MEMS case study (PDF) CL
24 Capacitive accelerometer case study (PDF - 1.4 MB) JV
25 BioMEMS case study (PDF) JV
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