6.781J | Spring 2006 | Graduate

Submicrometer and Nanometer Technology


The videos below demonstrate techniques and introduce instruments discussed in this course. Bob Barsotti, Bryan Cord, and Ben Wunsch worked on the Atomic Force Microscope video. Bryan Cord created the other videos.

SEM Inspection (MOV - 26.9MB)

Demonstration video of SEM inspection of a sample.

SEM Sample Preparation (MOV - 9MB)

Video of sputtering of Au-Pd charge-suppression layer on sample prior to SEM inspection.

SEM Sample Mounting (MOV - 12.6MB)

Video of cleaving and mounting process for SEM cross-section analysis of a sample.

Surface Profilometer (MOV - 27.7MB)

Demo video for Dektak surface profilometer.

Atomic Force Microscope (MOV - 19.7MB)

Demo video for Veeco Nanoscope III AFM.

Photoresist Spin (MOV - 28.4MB)

Video demonstration of spin-coating a sample with photoresist.

Contact Lithography (MOV - 31.3MB)

Video demonstration of contact lithography using the Tamarack i-line system in the NSL.

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