6.805 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Ethics and the Law on the Electronic Frontier


Assignment 10

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Transparency in Consumer Protection and Commercial Regulation

Before Class

Find the answers to the following questions:

  1. How can you request your credit report?
  2. Under what legal authority can you request your credit report?
  3. How can you correct errors in your credit report?
  4. What recourse do you have if the errors are not corrected?

Papers: The next milestone for your paper is due on Thursday, on the rotisserie. See information on papers for details.

Moot Court Video : As announced in class, we will be showing a video of a moot court on the constitutionality of mandated encryption key escrow. This will run from around 4:30 until around 7:00. Attendance after 5 is optional. In order to prepare for this please read:

  • The Cryptography Control Act of 1995. This is a fictional statute, whose constitutionality is being argued before the Court. (PDF)
  • Skim the appeals court decision (majority opinion, concurring opinion, and dissent) that is being appealed in this hearing.