1 Lecture Course introduction (case study of previous projects)  
2 Lab Communicating with (and about) people with disabilities Clients invited to discuss communication / etiquette
3 Lecture AT user sharing (Steve Saling and Jack Geilfuss, Leonard Florence Center / ALS Residence Initiative)  
4 Lab AT showcase (low-tech to high-tech) Clients invited to come and showcase their AT
5 Lecture Ethnographic techniques (Lynde Lutzow, RISD / MassArt)  
6 Lab Contextual inquiry (Prof Rob Miller) and client matching Fill out matches
7 Lecture Client / mentor announcements Team Formation & Project Matching, set up first meeting with client
8 Lab Project documentation using photos & film, client confidentiality  
9 Lecture Ethics (Prof Rob Miller)  
10 Lab Lab check in 1: Planning for client meeting with mentor: do background research on disability; discuss confidentiality, video documentation; discuss team roles; prepare questions and plan for contextual inquiry  
11 Lecture Responding to changing needs (Don Fredette, The Boston Home) Client meeting 1: Understand challenge, contextual inquiry
12 Lab Wheelchair Lab  
13 Lecture Discussion of Wheelchair Lab  
14 Lab Lab check in 2: Present client challenges, results of contextual inquiry to each other  
15 Lecture How OTs / PTs think (Kevin Berner, Easter Seals / BU) Client meeting 2: Discuss solutions to challenge, more contextual inquiry, present some prototypes / sketches and discuss feasibility
16 Lab No Session  
17 Lecture Health consideration in assistive technology (Grace Teo)  
18 Lab Lab check-in 3: Come up with prototypes / sketches, confirm project focus, decide if any trainings are required  
19 Lecture Panel: MIT students with disabilities Client meeting 3: Present project focus, present concept for prototype 1, define success metrics together
20 Lab Team-specific training: Hobby Shop, iOS training, Danger!Awesome  
21 Lecture Panel: Adaptive sports and assistive technology  
22 Lab Lab check-in 4: Defining success metrics  
23 Lecture No Session Client meeting 4: Test prototype 1 with client, evaluate according to success metrics, refine success metrics and / or prototype 1
24 Lab No Session
25 Lecture Assistive Technology Economics (William Li)  
26 Lab Lab check-in 5: Discuss results of prototype testing  
27 Lecture IBM and Accessibility (Frances West, IBM Chief Accessibility Officer) Clients invited to mid-semester panels
28 Lab Mid-semester Panels  
29 Lecture No Session Work on Presentations
30 Lab Mid-semester Panels  
31 Lecture Electronic Device Access Lab 1 Client meeting 5: Share feedback from class with client, refine prototype 1
32 Lab Electronic Device Access Lab 2 (hardware & software)  
33 Lecture Electronic Device Access Lab 3  
34 Lab Lab check-in 6: Experiment-driven design  
35 Lecture Assistive technology design & identity (Prof Sara Hendren) Client meeting 6: Test prototype 2, evaluate according to success metrics
36 Lab Leveraged Freedom Chair (Prof Amos Winter)  
37 Lecture Panel: Invisible disability  
38 Lab Lab check-in 7: Documentation plan  
39 Lecture No Session Client meeting 7: Refine prototype 2
40 Lab No Session  
41 Lecture Building hackability into medical technology  
42 Lab Lab check-in 8: Cypress Engineering Studio orientation and demos of prototype  
43 Lecture Panel: Assistive technology and the law Client meeting 8: Deliver 3rd and final prototype
44 Lab Panel: The business of assistive technology  
45 Lecture Panel: Social innovators in disability  
46 Lab Lab check-in 9: Demo of final prototype  
47 Lecture Panel: Wearable technology in health and disability Client meeting 9: Final feedback from client
48 Lab Work on final presentation / deliverable  
49 Lecture Aesthetics in assistive technology (Grace Teo)  
50 Lab Lab check-in 10: Discuss final feedback & continuation of projects after semester, work on final presentations / press release / instructables  
51 Lecture No Session Clients invited to final-semester panels
52 Lab No Session  
53 Lecture End-of-semester Presentations  
54 Lab End-of-semester Presentations (cont.)  
55 Lecture No Session  
56 Lab No Session  
57 Lecture Follow up opportunities (William Li)  
58 Lab Public showcase  

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