6.830 | Fall 2010 | Graduate, Undergraduate

Database Systems


Lecture 9: Query Optimization

In this lecture, we will discuss the problem of query optimization, focusing on the algorithms proposed in the classic “Selinger” paper.

Read the following papers:

  • Selinger, Patricia, M. Astrahan, D. Chamberlin, Raymond Lorie, and T. Price. “Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management System.” Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD (1979): 23-34.
  • Optionally, you may also wish to look at: Mannino, Michael, Paichen Chu, and Thomas Sager. “Statistical Profile Estimation in Database Systems.” ACM Computing Surveys 20, no. 3 (1988): 191-221. This paper discusses many of the techniques that used to make query optimization and cost estimation practical in modern database systems. We will cover some of the ideas at a high level in class.

As you read, think about and come to class prepared to answer the following questions:

  • The Selinger paper claims to be ‘optimal’. Under what assumptions is this optimality true? Can you think of a situation in which Selinger will definitely be non-optimal?
  • Query optimization is highly dependent on the effectiveness of cost estimation. The cost metrics that Selinger proposes are very simple; how would you make them more sophisticated? What is the impact of more sophisticated cost metrics on the performance of a database system?
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