6.830 | Fall 2010 | Graduate, Undergraduate

Database Systems


Many of the readings are drawn from the following sources:

Buy at MIT Press Hellerstein, Joseph, and Michael Stonebraker. Readings in Database Systems (The Red Book). 4th ed. MIT Press, 2005. ISBN: 9780262693141.

Ramakrishnan, Raghu, and Johannes Gehrke. Database Management Systems. 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill, 2002. ISBN: 9780072465631.

1 Introduction (CC)
2 The relational model (MS)
3 Schema design (MS)
4 Introduction to database internals (CC)
5 Database operators and query processing (CC)
6 Indexing and access methods (CC)
7 Buffer pool design and memory management (CC)
8 Join algorithms (CC)
9 Query optimization (CC)
10 Transactions and locking (MS)
11 Optimistic concurrency control (MS)
12 Recovery (MS)
13 Recovery (MS) (cont.)
14 Degrees of consistency (MS)


Guest lecture: Sam Madden, MIT CSAIL

16 Distributed transactions (CC)
17 Parallel databases (CC)
18 Scientific databases (MS)
20 ORM, DryadLINQ (CC)
21 Streaming databases (MS)
22 Database as a service (CC)
23 Final project presentations
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