6.837 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Computer Graphics


Lec 00 Introduction and Course Overview  
Lec 01 Bezier Curves and Splines Assignment 0 due
Lec 02 Curves Properties and Conversion, Surface Representation  
Lec 03 Coordinates and Transformations  
Lec 04 Hierarchical Modeling  
Lec 05 Color Assignment 1 due
Lec 06 Basics of Computer Animation—Skinning/Enveloping  
Lec 07 Particle Systems and ODEs  
Lec 08 Particle Systems and ODE Solvers II, Mass Spring Modeling Assignment 2 due
Lec 09 Implicit Integration, Collision Detection  
Lec 10 Collision Detection and Response  
Lec 11 Ray Casting and Rendering  
Lec 12 Ray Casting II  
Lec 13 Ray Tracing  
Lec 14 Acceleration Structures for Ray Casting Assignment 3 due
Lec 15 Shading and Material Appearance  
Lec 16 Texture Mapping and Shaders  
Lec 17 Sampling, Aliasing, and Mipmaps  
Lec 18 Global Illumination and Monte Carlo Assignment 4 due
Lec 19 Image-Based Rendering and Lighting  
Lec 20 Output Devices  
Lec 21 Graphics Pipeline and Rasterization  
Lec 22 Graphics Pipeline and Rasterization II  
Lec 23 Real-time Shadows  
Lec 24 Graphics Hardware and Computer Games Assignment 5 due
Final Exam 

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