6.851 | Spring 2012 | Graduate

Advanced Data Structures



  • There will be a weekly one-page assignment, 10 assignments in total.
  • You may skip any one problem, or we will ignore the problem with the lowest grade. If you volunteered to scribe twice, we will ignore the lowest two grades.
  • The answers must be typeset in LaTeX. The answers must fit in one page, or your solution will not be read. Use at least 10 pt font and 1 inch margins. This rule is meant to prepare you for writing research publications: one often has to explain great ideas in a very limited number of pages.
  • Submissions must be made online and consist of a compiled PDF document.
  • Grades and comments will be posted online.
  • Solutions do not need to include all calculations, trivial details etc. Just prove to us that you found the solution, and you understand it well.
  • Problems will be graded on a 0-2 scale:
    • 0 = You didn’t get it. Filling one page to the brim does not mean you can’t get zero. Please don’t write stuff you know is wrong.
    • 1 = Your solution was ultimately a good one, but the write-up contained significant errors or omissions.
    • 2 = (We think) you got it.


Problem Set 1—Due Lecture 3 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 2—Due Lecture 5 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 3—Due Lecture 7 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 4—Due Lecture 9 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 5—Due Lecture 11 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 6—Due Lecture 13 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 7—Due Lecture 15 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 8—Due Lecture 16 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 9—Due Lecture 18 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)
Problem Set 10—Due Lecture 20 (PDF) Solutions (PDF)

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