6.867 | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Machine Learning


Ali Mohammad and Rohit Singh prepared the problem sets and solutions.

Problem set 1 (PDF)

Section A (PDF)

Section B (PDF)

perceptron_test.m (M)

perceptron_train.m (M)

Errata (TXT)

p1.zip (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 3 .m files and 4 .dat files.)

p3.zip (ZIP - 8.5 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 3 .svm files.)

strimage.m (M)

Problem set 2 (PDF) (PDF) Errata (TXT)
Problem set 3 (PDF) (PDF) Errata (TXT)
Problem set 4 (PDF) (PDF) Errata (TXT)
Problem set 5 (PDF) (PDF)

Errata (TXT)

Prob1 data (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 12 .m files, 1 .de file.)

Prob2 data (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 10 .m files and 2 .dat files.)

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