6.876J | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Advanced Topics in Cryptography

Lecture Notes

This section contains a complete set of scribe notes for the course. Scribe notes are latex transcriptions by students as part of class work. The scribe notes listed below are presented courtesy of and used with the permission of the students named.

1 Interactive Proofs and Zero-Knowledge Proofs Scribe Notes 1 by Moses Liskov (PDF)
2 The Notion of Zero-Knowledgeness Scribe Notes 2 by Loizos Michael (PDF)
3 Zero-Knowledge Proofs (cont.) Scribe Notes 3 by Steve Weis (PDF)
4 ZK Proofs and Proofs of Knowledge Scribe Notes 4 by Susan Hohenberger (PDF)
5 ZK Proofs for all of NP Scribe Notes 5 by Dah-Yoh Lim (PDF)
6 Power and Efficiency of ZK Scribe Notes 6 by Abhi Shelat (PDF)
7 Variations on ZK Scribe Notes 7 by Joël Alwen (PDF)
8 Communication Efficiency for NP Arguments Scribe Notes 8 by Christopher Peikert (PDF)
9 A Bounded NIZK Proof System for a Special Language Scribe Notes 9 by Matthew Lepinski (PDF)
10 Non-Interactive ZK Proofs for all of NP Scribe Notes 10 (PDF)
11 Generalizing Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs Scribe Notes 11 by Scott Russell (PDF)
12 Improved Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Scribe Notes 12 by Peng Xie. (PDF)
13 NIZK and the Lunchtime Attack Scribe Notes 13 by Jonathan Herzog (PDF)
14 Lunchtime and Chosen Ciphertext Security Scribe Notes 14 by David Wilson (PDF - 1.9 MB)
15 A Practical CCA-2 PK Cryptosystem Scribe Notes 15 by Javed Samuel (PDF)
16 Defining ZK Proofs of Knowledge Scribe Notes 16 by Vitaly Feldman (PDF)
17 Mutually Independent Commitments Scribe Notes 17 by Shien Jin Ong (PDF)
18 Concurrent Zero-Knowledge Scribe Notes 18 by Jonathan Derryberry (PDF)
19 Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in Polylogarithmic Rounds Scribe Notes 19 by Nenad Dedić (PDF)
20 Secure Multi-Party Computation in the HBC Model Scribe Notes 20 by Yael Tauman (PDF)
21 Compiling an Honest but Curious Protocol Scribe Notes 21 by Jonathan Derryberry (PDF)
22 Multi-Party Computation with Perfect Channels Scribe Notes 22 by Chun-Yun Hsiao (PDF)

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