6.884 | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Complex Digital Systems

Related Resources

Online Verilog HDL Quick Reference Guide: Very useful online reference for Verilog-1995. It won’t have the newer Verilog-2001 constructs but it is still a very convenient way to look up 99% of what you need to know.

Verilog-2001: What’s New: This white paper by Stuart Sutherland crystalizes the key differences between Verilog-1995 and Verlog-2001. (PDF)

Parameterized Models Using Verilog 2001: This white paper by Cliff Cummings clearly describes the evils of unnamed parameter instations and ‘defines and shows how the new features in Verilog-2001 provide much safer ways to achieve the same effects. (PDF)

MIPS ISA Documentation: This is the official site for the various MIPS architecture specifications. Much of the information on the MIPS32 architecture is applicable to the SMIPS ISA.