6.892 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Computational Models of Discourse

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Topic Segmentation: Agreement, Evaluation, Automatic Text Segmentation (PDF)
3 Topic Segmentation (cont.): Hierarchical Text Segmentation, Meeting Segmentation (PDF)
4 Cohesion and Local Coherence: Lexical Chains, Centering Theory; Applications to Automated Essay Scoring (PDF)
5 Automatic Reference Resolution (PDF)
6 Automatic Reference Resolution and Reference Generation (PDF)
7 Generation of Referring Expressions (PDF)
8 Domain-dependent Models of Text Structure (PDF)
9 Rhetorical Structure Theory (PDF)
Guest Speaker: Florian Wolf
10 Discourse Structure in Text Summarization; Alignment (PDF)
11 Temporal Ordering in Discourse (PDF)
12 Prosody and Discourse
Guest Speaker: Chao Wang
13 Intentions and the Structure of Discourse (PDF)
14 Studies of Dialogues; Taxonomy of Speech Acts (PDF)
15 Automatic Interpretation of Dialogue Acts (PDF)
16 Learning Dialogue Strategies via Reinforcement Learning (PDF)
17 MIT Dialogue Systems (PDF) (Courtesy of Stephanie Seneff. Used with permission.)
18 Dialogue Systems (PDF)
19 Plan Recognition (PDF)
20 Evaluation for Discourse Processing (PDF)
21 Discourse in Psycholinguistics (PDF)
22 Project Presentations
23 Project Presentations (cont.)

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