7.02CI | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate

Experimental Biology - Communications Intensive

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for Neal Lerner’s section and for Marilee Ogren’s section are included in the table below.



Neal Lerner (PDF)

Marilee Ogren (PDF)


Materials and Methods

Neal Lerner (PDF)

Marilee Ogren (PDF)

Druker, Brian J., et al. “Efficacy and Safety of a Specific Inhibitor of The BCR-ABL Tyrosine Kinase in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.” The New England Journal of Medicine 344, no. 14 (April 5, 2001): 1031-1037.


Neal Lerner: Illustrations (Figures) (PDF)

Marilee Ogren: Tables and Figures (PDF)

Gopen, George D., and Judith A. Swan. “The Science of Scientific Writing.” American Scientist 78 (November-December 1990): 550-558.



Neal Lerner (PDF)

Marilee Ogren (PDF)

Arbuckle, Melissa R., et al. “Development of Autoantibodies before the Clinical Onset of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.” The New England Journal of Medicine 349 (2003): 1526-33.

Shmerling, Robert H. “Autoantibodies in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - There before You Know It.” The New England Journal of Medicine 349, no. 16 (October 16, 2003): 1499-1500.


Neal Lerner: Discussions (PDF)

Marilee Ogren: Discussions/Conclusions (PDF)

Lapostolle, Frédéric, et al. “Severe Pulmonary Embolism Associated With Air Travel.” The New England Journal of Medicine 345, no. 11 (September 13, 2001): 779-783.

Editorial. “Air Travel and various Thromboembolism- Is The Evidence In?” The New England Journal of Medicine 345, no. 11 (September 13, 2001): 828-829.


Title and Abstract

Neal Lerner (PDF)

Marilee Ogren (PDF)

Watson, J. D., and F. H. C. Crick. “Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids.” Nature 191, no. 4356 (April 25, 1953): 737-738.

Halloran, S. Michael. “The Birth of Molecular Biology: An Essay in the rhetorical Criticism of Scientific Discourse.” Rhetoric Review 3, no. 1 (September 1984): 70-83.

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