An integral part of the course is a student project component that is based on our case study theme of understanding biological mechanism. Interdisciplinary groups of students are encouraged to work together to develop novel analysis methodologies to examine recent data.

Following are examples of student reports on their projects. (Files are courtesy of the authors, used with permission.)

“Modeling the Human Transcriptome using Factor Analysis,” by Garrett Frampton ( PDF )

“Spectral Clustering for Microrray Data,” by Alvin Liang, Cameron Wheeler, and Grant Wang ( PDF )

“Using Phylogenomics to Predict Novel Fungal Pathogenicity Genes,” by Ying Li, David DeCaprio, and Hung Nguyen ( PDF )

“Whole-genome Analysis of GCN4 Binding in S.cerevisiae,” by Alex Mallet, and Lillian Dai ( PDF )

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