8.022 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism


Some of the problems are assigned from the course textbook: Purcell, E. M. Electricity and Magnetism. Berkeley Physics Course. Vol. 2. 2nd ed. The problem sets were handed out in the sessions noted in the table.

1 Math Review/Practice Problem Set 0 (PDF)  
2 Electric Forces and Electric Fields Problem Set 1 (PDF) Problem set 0 due one day before session 2
3 Electric Potential Problem Set 2 (PDF) Problem set 1 due one day after session 3
6 Electric Potential and Capacitance Problem Set 3 (PDF) Problem set 2 due
8 Electric Current Problem Set 4 (PDF) Problem set 3 due
12 Special Relativit

Magnetic Field

Problem Set 5 (PDF) Problem set 4 due
14 Equivalence of Fields

Magnetic Potential

Biot-Savart Law

Problem Set 6 (PDF)

Hint for Problem 3 (PDF)

Problem set 5 due
16 Faraday’s Law


Problem Set 7 (PDF) Problem set 6 due
18 RLC Circuits

AC Circuits

Problem Set 8 (PDF) Problem set 7 due
21 AC Circuits


Quality Factor and Resonance

Problem Set 9 (PDF) Problem set 8 due
24 Displacement Current

Electromagnetic Waves

Problem Set 10 (PDF) Problem set 9 due
26 Poynting Vectors

Electromagnetic Waves Continued

Problem Set 11 (PDF) Problem set 10 due
28 Poynting Vector: Energy, Power and Momentum of Radiation, Magnetic Properties of Materials

Transmission Lines

  Problem set 11 due

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