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Physics III: Vibrations and Waves

Part I: Mechanical Vibrations and Waves

Lecture 7: Symmetry, Infinite Number of Coupled Oscillators

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Lecture Topics

  • Symmetry
  • Infinitely long system
  • Sine waves

Lecture Video: Symmetry, Infinite Number of Coupled Oscillators

The mathematical description of “symmetry” is introduced. Prof. Lee shows that the concept of symmetry can be used to solve infinite numbers of coupled oscillators and that the sine waves we see in daily life are coming from translation symmetry.

Lecture Notes

Typed Notes for Lecture 7 (PDF - 1.1MB)

Handwritten Notes for Lecture 7 (PDF - 1.9MB)

Textbook Reading

Chapter 4: Symmetries (PDF - 1.3MB) 

Chapter 5: Waves (PDF - 1.4MB) (through section 5.2) 

Problem Set

Problem Set 4 (PDF)

Problem Solving Help Video*

Standing Waves Part I

Standing Waves Part II

In-class Demonstrations

Bell Labs Wave Machine
Vibrating Spring (Hand Driven)

* Note: These Problem Solving Help video was originally produced as part of a physics course that is no longer available on OCW.

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