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Physics III: Vibrations and Waves

Part II: Electromagnetic Waves

Lecture 15: Uncertainty Principle, 2D Waves

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Lecture Topics

  • Uncertainty principle
  • 2-dimensional waves
  • Pulsar

Lecture Video: Uncertainty Principle, 2D Waves

The uncertainty principle is introduced in this lecture. Prof. Lee shows that the wave description of the system leads to the uncertainty principle. He also starts the discussion of the 2D waves in the end of the lecture.

Lecture Notes

Typed Notes for Lecture 15 (PDF - 1.2MB)

Handwritten Notes for Lecture 15 (PDF - 2.2MB)

Textbook Reading

Chapter 10: Signals and Fourier Analysis (PDF - 1.4MB)

Problem Set

Problem Set 8 (PDF)

Problem Solving Help Video*

Interference of Electromagnetic Waves

In-class Demonstrations

Chladni Figures (Speaker Driven)

Video: Chladni Figures by brusspup on YouTube

Video: Water Wave Dispersion and Swell Formation by Keith Meldahl on YouTube

Video: Examples Related to Delta Functions (OCW, 18.03 recitation)

* Note: This Problem Solving Help video was originally produced as part of a physics course that is no longer available on OCW.

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