8.06 | Spring 2018 | Undergraduate

Quantum Physics III


Part 1: Time Independent Perturbation Theoryand WKB Approximation
L1 Time Independent Perturbation Theory  
L2 Time Independent Perturbation Theory (continued)  
L3 Degenerate Perturbation Theory  Problem Set 1 due
L4 Hydrogen Atom Fine Structure  
L5 Hydrogen Atom Fine Structure (continued)  Problem Set 2 due
L6 Zeeman Effect and Introduction to the Semiclassical Approximation  
L7 The Semiclassical WKB Approximation  Problem Set 3 due
L8 WKB (continued). Airy Functions and Connection Formulae   
L9 Time Dependent Perturbation Theory  Problem Set 4 due
Part 2: Time Dependent Perturbation Theory and Adiabatic Approximation
L10 Fermi’s Golden Rule  
L11 Fermi’s Golden Rule for Harmonic Transitions Problem Set 5 due
E1  Mid-Term Exam
L12 Hydrogen Ionization (completed). Light and Atoms Final Paper Proposal due
L13 Light and Atoms (continued). Charged Particles in Electromagnetic Fields   
L14 Charged Particles in Electromagnetic Fields (continued)   
L15 Adiabatic Approximation Problem Set 6 due
  Peer Edit Session 
L16 Adiabatic Approximation (continued) Final Paper Draft due
L17 Adiabatic Approximation: Berry’s Phase  
L18 Adiabatic Approximation: Molecules Problem Set 7 due  
Part 3: Scattering and Identical Particles
L19 Scattering  
L20 Scattering (continued 1)  
L21 Scattering (continued 2)  
L22 Scattering (continued 3). Identical Particles Problem Set 8 due  
L23 Identical Particles (continued 1)  
L24 Identical Particles (continued 2)  Final Papers returned
  Review for Final Exam 
E2 Final Exam  

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