8.323 | Spring 2023 | Graduate

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I


1 Classical Field Theories and Principle of Locality  
2 Symmetries and Conservation Laws Problem set 1 out
3 Why Quantum Field Theory  
4 Canonical Quantization of a Free Scalar Field Theory Problem set 1 due   
Problem set 2 out
5 Complex Scalar Field Theory and Antiparticles  
6 Propagators and Green Functions  Problem set 2 due   
Problem set 3 out
7 Interacting Theories and S-matrix   
8 Path Integral Formalism for Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Problem set 3 due   
Problem set 4 out
9 Path Integral Formalism for QFT, and Computation of Time-Ordered Correlation Functions  
10 Time-Ordered Correlation Functions in Field Theory Problem set 4 due   
Problem set 5 out
11 Computation of Correlation Functions in Perturbation Theory and Feynman Diagrams  
12 More on Perturbation Theory and Feynman Diagrams  Problem set 5 due   
Problem set 6 out
13 Introducing the Dirac Equation   
14 Lorentz Covariance of the Dirac Equation Problem set 6 due   
Problem set 7 out
15 Classical Solutions of Dirac Equations  
16 Quantization of the Dirac Theory Problem set 7 due   
Problem set 8 out
17 Chiral and Majorana Spinors  
18 Discrete Symmetries  Problem set 8 due   
Problem set 9 out
19 Path Integrals of Fermions   
20 Maxwell Theory and its Canonical Quantization Problem set 9 due   
Problem set 10 out
21 Quantum Maxwell Theory (continued)  
22 Quantum Electrodynamics Problem set 10 due   
Problem set 11 out
23 Cross Section and Decay Rate   
24 Elementary Processes in QED (I) Problem set 11 due   
Problem set 12 out
25 Elementary Processes in QED (II)  
26 Quantum Fluctuations and Renormalization Problem set 12 due

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