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Professor Levitov has selected these articles, links, and lectures for additional reading:

The Quantum Theory of Optical Coherence, by R. J. Glauber.

Wave packet dynamics of coherent (displaced) and squeezed states, by Franco Nori:

  1. Wave Packet Dynamics.
  2. Quantum Uncertainties for Coherent and Squeezed States.
  3. Uncertainty Regions for the Vacuum, Coherent, and Squeezed States.
  4. Uncertainty Regions for the Vacuum, Number, Coherent, and Squeezed Phonon States.

The Discovery of Squeezed States, by M. M. Nieto.

Many Body Physics: Unfinished Revolution, by P. Coleman.

Displaced and Squeezed Number States, by M. M. Nieto.

Second Quantization, by K. Ingersent.

Second Quantization, Problems.

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