9.123 | Fall 2014 | Graduate

Neurotechnology in Action


There were four assignments for this course, including a final project assignment.  Only the description of the final assignment is available.

Final Assignment

The final assignment for the class will be a research paper to be submitted during Lecture 15 and presented orally to the rest of the class during Lecture 14 or 15. The topics should be chosen in consultation with the teaching staff and should extend a subject introduced during the course, either by describing a specialized neurotechnology or a family of applications beyond what we covered in class. Topics should be approved by Lecture 13.

The focus of the paper should involve current research and the report should be properly referenced and make use of figures where appropriate. The oral and written presentations should demonstrate careful consideration of your topic, and should treat it at a professional level.

The written paper should be 5–10 pages, double-spaced, not including figures or references. The accompanying class presentation should be 12 minutes long, plus a few minutes for questions.

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