9.59J | Spring 2017 | Undergraduate

Lab in Psycholinguistics


week Topic Key Dates
1 Introduction to the Course: Experimental Methods, Constraints on Language, Mechanical Turk, R/statistics Problem set 1 handed out
2 Quantitative Methods: Quantitative Syntax, Descriptive Statistics and Plotting  
3 Language as Communication, Part 1

Problem set 1 due

Problem set 2 handed out

Projects handed out

Language as Communication, Part 2

Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 handed out

5 Language Processing Over a Noisy Channel, Part 1  
6 Language Processing Over a Noisy Channel, Part 2

Problem set 4 due

Paper 1 draft 1 due

7 What Makes a Long-Distance Extraction Unacceptable?  
8 No class during spring break  
9 Pragmatics: The Use of Referring Expressions Paper 1 draft 2 due — optional resubmission
10 The On-Line Computation of Pragmatic Information, Student Presentations of Projects  
11 Student Presentations of Projects  
12 The Foreign Language Effect: Thinking in a Froeign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases  
13 Syntactic Priming Paper 3 due
14 Color Language, Help with Projects and Oral Presentations  
15 Language and Thought: Number  
16 Culture and Language: Recursion Final Paper Due

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