9.70 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Social Psychology

Lecture Notes

Phase 1. Didactic Orientation 
1 Welcome

Lecture notes 1 (PDF)

Preliminary information form and benchmark questionnaire (PDF)

Working groups (PDF)

Human systems: Aspects and levels of organization and development (PDF)

Timesheet (PDF)

Study group roster (PDF)

Draft formative and summative evaluation form (PDF)

2 The Science of Social Psychology and Vice-versa I Lecture notes 2 (PDF)
3 The Science of Social Psychology and Vice-versa II Lecture notes 3 (PDF)
Phase 2. Collaborative Inquiry
4 Persons-In-Contexts I

Lecture notes 4 (PDF)

Human systems: A selection of development schemes (PDF)

5 Persons-In-Contexts II Lecture notes 5 (PDF)
6 Meaning and Power I Lecture notes 6 (PDF)
7 Meaning and Power II Lecture notes 7 (PDF)
8 Us and Them I Lecture notes 8 (PDF)
9 Us and Them II Lecture notes 9 (PDF)
10 Who is/are “We” I Lecture notes 10 (PDF)
11 Who is/are “We” II Lecture notes 11 (PDF)

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