1 Equilibrium States

Aircraft Performance

Introduction to Basic Terms
2 Static Stability

Aircraft SS (Longitudinal)

Wing/Tail Contributions
3 Coordinate Systems

Euler Angles

4 Aircraft Dynamics
5 Aircraft Dynamics (cont.)
6 Aircraft Longitudinal Dynamics
7 Approximate Longitudinal Dynamics Models
8 Aircraft Lateral Dynamics

Spiral, Roll, and Dutch Roll Modes
9 Basic Longitudinal Control
10 State Space Control
11 State Space Control (cont.)
12 Aircraft Lateral Autopilots
13 Aircraft Longitudinal Autopilots

Altitude Hold and Landing
14 Equations of Motion in a Nonuniform Atmosphere

Gusts and Winds
15 Inertial Sensors

Complementary Filtering

Simple Kalman Filtering
16 System Identification
17 Model Validation