Introductory Biology

A drawing of equally-sized circles of different colors next to a group of different shapes in different colors. At the bottom of the drawing is the following question: What processes would turn the pile of cells into the 3D organ?

Watch Professor Sive walk us through this exercise in Simply Science Episode 14: Building a Human. Image by Professor Hazel Sive, MIT Department of Biology.


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The MIT Biology Department core Introductory Biology courses, 7.012, 7.013, 7.014, 7.015, and 7.016 all cover the same core material, which includes the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. The focus of 7.013 is on genomic approaches to human biology, including neuroscience, development, immunology, tissue repair and stem cells, tissue engineering, and infectious and inherited diseases, including cancer.

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Angelika Amon, Hazel Sive, and Diviya Ray. 7.013 Introductory Biology. Spring 2018. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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