Except where noted below, chapter readings are from the course text:

Reisberg, Daniel. Cognition: Exploring the Science of The Mind. 2nd ed. New York: Norton, 2001. ISBN: 039397622X.

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How We Read

Chapter 1 and 2 
2Object RecognitionChapter 3 
3Attention IChapter 4 
4Attention IILuck, S. J., E. K. Vogel, and K. L. Shapiro. "Word Meanings can be Accessed but not Reported During the Attentional Blink." Nature 383, no. 6601 (October 17, 1996): 616-618. 
5Lab 1: Memory  
6Memory I: Working MemoryChapter 5Lab 1 report due
7Memory II: Conceptual Short Term Memory  
8Memory III: Implicit MemoryChapter 6Quiz 1 due two days after Lec 8
9Memory IV: Remembering and ForgettingChapter 7 (Jodi Davenport) 
10Memory V: Associative MemoryChapter 8 
11Learning Anderson, J. R. Learning and Memory: an Integrated Approach. 2nd ed. NY: Wiley, 2000. Chapter 2, and some of 3. ISBN: 0471249254. 
12Lab 2: Images, Concepts, Language  
13Concepts and PrototypesChapter 9Lab 2 report due
14Language: PsycholinguisticsChapter 10 
15Visual KnowledgeChapter 11Quiz 2 due two days after Lec 15
16Mental Codes IPotter, M. C., and B. A. Faulconer. "Time to Understand Pictures and Words." Nature 253, no. 5491 (1975): 437-438. 
17Mental Codes II  
18Lab 3: Judgment, Reasoning, and Problem-solving  
19Judgment and Reasoning IChapter 12, and 13 (Tevye Krynski)Lab 3 report due
20Judgment and Reasoning II(Tevye Krynski) 
22Solving ProblemsChapter 14 
23Conscious and Unconscious ThoughtChapter 15