Course Meeting Times

Lecture: 1 session / week; 2 hours / session

The Concourse Program

This course is part of the Concourse program at MIT. Concourse is a unique program for freshmen. It focuses on integration of the disciplines, teaching the rigorous scientific subjects within the broader human framework. Classes are taught by highly dedicated teachers in an interactive learning environment with small class sizes. This creates a high degree of student-faculty, and student-student interaction and therein a superior learning experience.



Course Overview

This is a 12 unit HASS Elective. All classes are discussion-based, and regular attendance is required. If you will not be able to attend a class, you must call me beforehand to let me know. Two papers of approximately six pages in length are required. I will give you a list of possible paper topics, though you can choose another topic after consulting with the T.A. or myself.

Grading Policy

Paper 1 30%
Paper 2 40%
Class participation 30%

Course Info