1 Course Overview: E-Business Strategies

Issues in Real Estate, Design, Construction
2 Industry Value System; Strategy Review

How Information Gives You Competitive Advantage
    Project description due (5% complete)
3 3D Modeling; Scaling Up a CAD Solution  
4 Supply Chain Management and Optimization

Industry Transformation

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Business Models
Problem set #1 due
    Project abstract due (20% complete)
5 Knowing a Winning Business Idea When You See One

Writing a Business Plan
6 Aligning Incentives - Part One

Aligning Incentives for Supply Chain Efficiency
7 Aligning Incentives - Part Two

Using Game Theory to Shape Strategy
Problem set #2 due
    Project drafts due (60% complete)
8 Alliances and Franchising Knowledge Management  
9 Procurement and Exchanges

Emerging E-Business Models

Exploiting the Virtual Value Chain

Consideration for Companies and Careers
Final projects due (100% complete)