CMS.594 | Spring 2019 | Undergraduate

Education Technology Studio


Ses # Topics Key Dates
Part 0: Welcome & Design Sprint
1 Introduction and Welcome  
Part 1: Learning Analytics

Introduction to Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining

3 Playtesting Your Analysis and Visualization  

Final Demonstration of Your Data-Driven Work

Mini-project #1 submission report due
Part 2: Practice Spaces
5 Introduction to Practice Spaces  
6 Designing Practice Spaces

Prototype of your proposed practice space due


Demonstrations of Practice Space Mini-Projects

Mini-project #2 submission report due
Part 3: Accessibility

Choose a UDL Principle and a Learning Environment to Improve

9 Playtest

Prototype of how to improve technology with UDL due

10 Refine and Final Demo Mini-project #3 due
Part 4: Final Project

Problem Finding—Empathy/Stakeholder Interviews

12 Ideation and Prototyping Empathy/stakeholder interview due
13 Playtesting Playtest-ready project prototype due
14 Final Project Presentations Final project due
Learning Resource Types
Lecture Notes
Projects with Examples
Instructor Insights