CMS.633 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

Digital Humanities



Introduction to Digital Humanities

Sample Digital Humanities Projects

In-Class Activity:

  1. Examine the four facsimiles of Register Pages from the Comedie-française in Paris.
  2. Identify the different categories of information.
  3. Develop a method for the extraction of this information in a digital format.
  4. Brainstorm about possible storage and access options.
  5. Envision the tools that can tap into this data (search, visualization, etc.).
  6. What is the intended audience for your approach?
  7. What are the kinds of questions your audience could solve with your approach?


Data Mining of Open Content: The Artbot Project

Guest Speakers: Desi Gonzalez and Liam Andrew from the CMS / Hyperstudio

Data Mining and NER Exercises

Assignment 1 due

Humanities Data: The Comedie-Française Registers Project (CFRP)

From Written Records to Humanities Data

Guest Speaker: Jeff Ravel, MIT History Department

Assignment 2 due

Databases and Structures

Narratives and Filters

Work with CRFP Data

Assignment 3 due

GIS / Location

Data Data Visualization I (Spatial Mapping)

Data and its Interpretations

Discussion of Final Projects

Assignment 4 due

Data Visualization II (Time Mapping)

Discussion of Final Projects (cont.)

Assignment 5 due

Curation: From Museum Curation to Digital Curation

Guest Speaker: Kristen Gresh, Photography Curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Selection of Final Projects

Assignment 6 due
8 Spring Break-No Class  

Augmented Space and Design Process I

Final Project Pitches

Guest Speaker: Halsey Burgund, Artist and Mobile Developer

Assignment 7 due

Design process II:

Prototyping and Wireframing

Guest Speaker: Frederico Casalegno, Mobile Experience Lab


Digital Humanities Debates, Frontiers, and Future

Final Project In-Class Work Time

12 Guest Speaker: Andy Stuhl, Digital Sound Studies & Sound Projects Assignment 8 due
13 Final Project In-Class Work Time  
14 Final Project In-Class Work Time (cont.) Assignment 9 due
15 Final Presentations Final Project and Design Documents

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