1 Course overview & introductory questionnaire  

Background on Assignment #1

Discuss article on science museum

Assignment #1: A Critical Review of a Science Museum Exhibit assigned

Elements of critical review writing: Purpose, audience, content, structure and style

Discuss science museum reviews

4 In-class workshop on museum review assignment in progress:
  • Clarifying the purpose and audience of your review
  • Establishing the framework and focus
  • Organizing your main ideas

Examining other kinds of critical reviews in science

Discuss science book reviews

Assignment #1 due
6 Background on Assignments #2 and #3 Assignment #2: A Prospectus for a Science Essay & Assignment #3: A Researched Science Essay for the General Public assigned
7 General principles for writing about science for the general public: A mathematician's perspective  
8 Researching your topic  
9 Discuss science essay  
10 Discuss science essay Assignment #2 due one day after Session 10
11 Using source material in your writing  
12 Discuss science essay  
13 Citing source material  
14 Illustrations in scientific & technical writing Assignment #3 due three days after Session 14
15 Writing workshop on science essays  
16 Background on Assignment #3 Assignment #4: A Proposal assigned
17 Topic workshop  
18 Absracts & budgets  
19 Writing workshop: Reviewing proposals Assignment #4 due three days after Session 19
20 Workshop on communicating through email  
21 Principles of effective public speaking  
22–25 Oral presentations