There are five different aspects of this course on which students will be graded.

  1. Texts & discussion (20%): Students are responsible for engaging with all texts for the class, and coming to all course meetings prepared to discuss the week's texts.
  2. Weekly reflections (30%): Expect to spend time (2-3 hours) each week on a reflection that you will post to the course blog.
  3. Discussion facilitation and synthesis (10%): Each week, a student (or pair of students, depending on class size) will be responsible for co-facilitating discussion of the assigned texts. This student (or pair) will also be responsible for synthesizing that week's texts, blog posts, and discussion notes into a single topical post for the Center for Civic Media blog.
  4. Midterm project proposal (10%): At the semester's midpoint, each student (or group) will present a final project proposal and work plan for feedback from the rest of the students and instructor.
  5. Final project & presentation (30%): The final project for Introduction to Civic Media is flexible, but is expected to be a significant original work that reflects both your understanding of the topics and texts covered in the course as well as your own ideas.