All student work on this page is presented courtesy of the students named, and used with their permission.

1st Essay: Research a Historical Game (PDF)

"Rentoy." Sharat Bhat (PDF)
"Continental Checkers." Joshua Campoverde (PDF)
"Zombie Attack!" Neil Dowgun (PDF)
"Tablut Reconstruction." Justin Moe (PDF)
"The Royal Game of Ur." Charles Tam (PDF)

2nd Essay: Design a Clubhouse Game Variant (PDF)

"DrawBridge." Sharat Bhat (PDF)
"The Creation of 'Churchill Choice'." Neil Dowgun (PDF)
"Pokerman." Justin Moe (PDF)
"A Twist on Whist." Kenny Peng (PDF)
"Contract Rummy." Sarah Sperry (PDF)
"The 'All-Trump' Bridge Variant." Charles Tam (PDF)
"Developing a Variant of Contract Bridge." Tiffany Tseng (PDF)
"Reverse Bridge." Karena Tyan (PDF)

1st Team Project: Adapt a Non-Board Game (PDF)

"Roller Derby." Clara Rhee, Sarah Sperry, Tiffany Tseng (PDF)
"Tron: the Board Game." Nick Ristuccia, Zack Reeve, Neil Dowgun (PDF)
"Fluxx: the Board Game." (PDF), Cards (PDF), Sharat Bhat, Charles Tam, Karena Tyan

2nd Team Project: Design an Original Game (PDF)

"Scrabble Search." David Butler, Justin Moe, Charles Tam (PDF)
"Use the Fours." Nick Ristuccia, Zack Reeve, Neil Dowgun (PDF)
"Slide Slide Revolution." David Butler, Joshua Campoverde, Kenny Peng, Karena Tyan (PDF)