Related Resources


MIT Museum
(MIT Museum homepage)

Wallace Observatory MIT

Harvard Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments
(Link to the Historical Instrument Collection at Harvard)

Houghton Library, Harvard
(Rare book and manuscript library)

Harold Edgerton Digital Collections
(Access to digitized photos, notebooks, memories etc from the teaching and research of strobe pioneer Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton)

Amateur Telescope Makers
(Website with info on activities, observing, etc.)

Galileo Motion

Galileo’s Two New Sciences Complete, English Translation
(Galileo’s complete 1638 book on motion, English translation of 1914)

Slide Rule

Buying a Slide Rule
(Instructions for using and buying a slide rule)

Slide Rule Instructions (PDF - 4.9MB)
(Intro to using slide rule)

Slide Rules and Manuals
(Historical slide rule instruction manuals, diagrams of slide rules)

Slide Rule Resources
(Slide rule collection and use)

Slide Rule History
(Slide rule chronology)


Solar Activity
(Imagery of sunspots and other solar activity from NASA instruments and other satellites)

Power of Ten

Powers of Ten Resources and Education
(Site containing resources about Power of Ten)

Galileo Instruments

Galileo’s Compass, Drake’s Translated Text
(Florence Museum site presenting Galileo’s compass, texts, and its uses)

Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius
(Scans of Galileo’s 1610 work Sidereus Nuncius on Telescopic Discoveries)

Eric Sealine, Exhibit with Perspective Techniques
(Photos of works involving perspective in exhibit at Boston Sculptor’s Gallery, and writeups about his other work)

Galileo Images of the Universe
(Online exhibit of Astronomy observing tools and artwork, up to and including Galileo’s paintings and sketches, from the exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi)

American Precision Museum
(Vermont Machine tools museum)

Charles River Museum of Industry
(Waltham MA, museum of industrial tools, timekeeping and machines)


Perspective - Veltman

Sources of Perspective - Veltman (PDF - 1.7MB)

Literature on Perspective - Veltman (PDF - 2.1MB)

Early Telescopes and Spectacles

Antique Spectacles
(Site about history and collections of vision aids)

Telescope History Examples
(Part of antique spectacles site)

Natural Magik, 1591, original in Italian
(Giambattista della Porta, 1535?-1615. Natural magik, English translation 1658, wonders of lenses and other natural objects. EEBOnline Use Author Giambattista della Porta, Title keyword natural)

Galileo Project
(Background descriptions of Galileo and his times)

Galileo’s Telescope Exhibit
(Exhibit of Galileo’s telescope at the Florence Museum of the History of Science)

Galileo’s Works
(National Edition of Galileo’s Works)

Debating Galileo’s Trial
(Educational resources for a Galileo Trial Curriculum)

Galileo’s Motion Manuscript
(Galileo’s handwritten notes on Motion, some parts translated)

Educational Readings

Eleanor Duckworth
(Wikipedia page on Eleanor Duckworth, educator)

Critical Explorations in Science and Art
(Articles by Cavicchi, Chiu, Duckworth, Hughes-McDonnell; teaching explorations with mirrors, painting, seeds)

Supply Sources

Inexpensive Lenses
(Site offering a category of inexpensive lenses for education)

Inexpensive lenses, optical parts, and other science education materials
(Site offering information about science education materials)

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