EC.715 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate
D-Lab: Disseminating Innovations for the Common Good


To help students successfully develop their project proposals, examples from award-winning projects were distributed. Each proposal is presented courtesy of the team members listed, and used with their permission.

Tommy Ngai, Debu Sen, Heather Lukacs Innovative Drinking Water Treatment Technology for Bangladesh, West Bengal, and Nepal (PDF) IDEAS 2002
Juhi Chandalia, Brittany Coulbert, Philip Hou, Jin Kim TestWaterCheap (PDF) IDEAS 2004
Teresa Baker, Stephanie Dalquist, Kimberly Harrison, Radu Raduta, Jessica Vechakul, Alexander Yip Bicilavadora: the Pedal-Powered Washing Machine (PDF) IDEAS 2005
Susan Murcott, Tommy Ngai Arsenic Biosand Filter: Sustainable Implementation of an Appropriate Household Drinking Water Filter for Rural Nepal (PDF) World Bank Development Marketplace 2003
Amy Mueller, Matthew Orosz, Sorin Grama, Ignacio Aquirre, Perry Hung, Elizabeth Wayman, Mark Wolf Synergetic Power Systems (PDF) Ignite Clean Energy 2006

D-Lab III students form teams at the outset of the spring term as a means to further develop their innovation and move it forward. Students also build relationships with community partners in the process of collaboratively designing, evaluating and testing their innovation. The following pages contain a brief description of each Spring 2007 project, their proposals, and their final presentations. All material is presented courtesy of the students named on each page and used with their permission.

New DOTS - Jeff Blander, Elizabeth Gillenwater, Jose Gomez-Marquez, Minyoun Jang, Angela Kilby, Aron Walker

Vac-Cast - Tess Veuthey, Aron Zingman, Maria Luckyanova, Goutam Reddy, Irina Azu, Stephen Samouhos

Biogas Nicaragua - Chris Tostado, Xavier Gonzalez, Julian Villarreal, Russell Rodewald

LearnTB - Nupur Garg, Malancha Gupta, Jessica Lee, Daniel Mokrauer-Madden, Aparna Ramanathan

DataHealth Pakistan - Ebad Ahmed, Ali Alhassani, Elena Glassman, Jehanzeb Noor, Eugene Shih, Zeeshan Syed, Rehan Tahir

EVCO - Sarah Edinger, Katherine Wong, Stephen Samouhos, Jessica Lee, Joshua Jiricek, Tamira Gunzburg

Sustainable Shelters - Zehra Ali, Harmeet Gill, Jean Li

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