EC.S01 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate

Internet Technology in Local and Global Communities


This course is based on the work of the MIT-African Internet Technology Initiative (MIT-AITI). MIT-AITI is an innovative approach by MIT students to integrate computers and internet technology into the education of students in African schools. MIT-AITI achieves this goal by sending MIT students to three African nations in order to teach both students and teachers through intensive classroom and lab sessions for six weeks.

This course Web site has two major components:

  1. Content from the spring 2005 preparatory seminar offered by the MIT-AITI leadership.
  2. A snapshot of the MIT-AITI summer 2005 program in Kenya.

Exams for both the spring 2005 and summer 2005 sessions are included below.

Spring 2005

The students were given a final exam on the Java® material as a self-test to determine whether they were ready to teach over the summer in Africa. Two versions of this exam are below: note that some of the questions in the exams are the same, but some are different as well.

EC.S01 Final Exam, Version 1 (PDF) EC.S01 Final Exam, Version 1 Solutions (PDF)
EC.S01 Final Exam, Version 2 (PDF) EC.S01 Final Exam, Version 2 Solutions (PDF)

Summer 2005

In-class Quiz (PDF)  
Live Coding Exam 1 (PDF) (JAVA) (JAVA)

Live Coding Exam 2 (PDF) PlayerRoster (TXT)

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