Recitation notes created by the class's teaching assistants, Aaron Goodman, Maddie McKelway, Alex Olssen, Will Rafey, and Pierre-Luc Vautrey. Used with permission. 

Recitation 1: Utility Maximization (PDF)

Recitation 2: Exponential vs. Quasi-hyperbolic Discounting (PDF)

Recitation 3: Quasi-hyperbolic Savings and Risk Aversion (PDF)  / Recitation 3 Handout (PDF)

Recitation 4: Rabin and Risk Preferences (PDF)

Recitation 5: Reference Dependence (PDF)

Recitation 6: Midterm Review I (PDF)

Recitation 7: Midterm Review II (PDF)

Recitation 8: Bayesian Learning (PDF)

Recitation 9: Social Preferences (PDF)

Recitation 10: Projection Bias and Attribution Bias (PDF)

Recitation 11: Discrimination (PDF)

Final Exam Review (PDF)