Much of the material in 6.034 is reinforced by on-line artificial-intelligence demonstrations developed by us or otherwise available on the web. Those demonstrations developed by us are provided via the easy-to-use Java Web Start mechanism, which comes with the Java Runtime Environment, the so-called JRE.

The demonstrations illustrate the following ideas:

  • Blocks world manipulation (after Winograd)
  • Search: depth-first, breadth-first, hill-climbing, beam, branch and bound, A*
  • Games: mini-max, alpha-beta
  • Genetic algorithms: crossover, mutation, fitness
  • Constraint satisfaction: drawing analysis (after Waltz, using Huffman labels)
  • Domain reduction: map coloring, resource allocation
  • Biological mimetics: genetic algorithms, self-organizing maps, cross-modal clustering
  • Learning: nearest neighbors, support vector machines, lattice learning, boosting

The demonstrations require Java 8 and course instructions for installation are available. Please note that these instructions do require you to change Java security options. Then, you can run the demonstrations (JNLP).