1 General Introduction

Estimating Image Motion Field

Pinhole Camera Model
Assignment 1 out
2 General Introduction (cont.)

Lambertian Surfaces

Image Motion in 2D
3 Image Motion in 2D (cont.)

Constant Brightness Equation
Assignment 1 due
4 Constant Brightness Equation (cont.)

Binocular Stereo

Reflectance map: Image Formation, Surface Reflectance, Surface Orientation
5 Photometric Stereo

Brightness Distribution Function (BRDF)
Assignment 2 out
6 Shape from Shading  
7 Shape from Shading (cont.)

Shape from Gradient
8 Shape from Gradient (cont.) Assignment 2 due
9 Binary Image Processing

Methods and Applications
Assignment 3 out
10 Binary Image Processing (cont.)  
11 Binary Image Processing (cont.) Assignment 3 due
12 Binary Image Processing (cont.)  
13 Binary Image Processing (cont.) Quiz 1 out
14 The Euler Equations and their Applications  
15 Optical Flow Quiz 1 due
16 Optical Flow (cont.)

Motion Vision
17 Optical Flow (cont.)

Motion Field
Assignment 4 out
18 Optical Flow (cont.)

Direct Motion Vision
Assignment 4 due
19 Optical Flow (cont.)  
20 Extended Gaussian Images

Assignment 5 out
21 Extended Gaussian Images (cont.)


Platonic solids
Assignment 5 due
22 Extended Gaussian Images (cont.)


Operations on EGIs
23 Photogrammetry

Absolute Orientation

Exterior Orientation

Interior Orientation
Quiz 2 out
24 Photogrammetry (cont.)

Relative Orientation
25 Parallel Networks

How to Process Images Efficiently
Quiz 2 due